atsec information security adds the GSA EP new product categories to their FIPS 201 laboratory testing service


atsec, Austin, TX - atsec information security notes the addition of several new products to the list of approval procedures for FIPS 201 conformance on the GSA's FIPS 201 Evaluation Program Web site. The new additions (listed with an asterisk below) allow a greater variety of products and services to be added to the Approved Product List (APL) hosted by the GSA FIPS 201 Evaluation Program at The APL lists those products and services that are in compliance with the current version of the Standard and its supporting publication.
The current list of products and services now includes:


  • Biometric Authentication System*
  • Caching Status Proxy*
  • CAK authentication System*
  • Card Printer Station
  • Certificate Validator*
  • CHUID Authentication System*
  • Cryptographic Module
  • Electromagnetically Opaque Sleeve
  • Electronic Personalization (Product)
  • Facial Image Capturing Camera
  • Facial Image Capturing (Middleware)
  • Fingerprint Capture Station
  • Single Fingerprint Capture Device
  • OCSP Responder
  • PIV Card
  • PIV Card Reader - Authentication Key
  • PIV Card Reader - Biometric
  • PIV Card Reader - Biometric Authentication
  • PIV Card Reader - CHUID Authentication (Contactless)
  • PIV Card Reader - CHUID Authentication (Contact)
  • PIV Card Reader - CHUID (Contactless)
  • PIV Card Reader - CHUID (Contact)
  • PIV Card Reader - Transparent
  • PIV Authentication System*
  • PIV Middleware
  • SCVP Client*
  • Template Generator
  • Template Matcher


  • Electronic Personalization
  • Graphical Personalization Service
  • PIV Card Delivery

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